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Many people consider Matkot to be the national Israeli sport. Rumor has it, that Israeli’s have been playing Matkot for over 80 years. It’s so popular in Israel, that Tel Aviv even has a Paddle ball museum, the only one in the world. The best racquets are manufactured in special factories in Israel and shipped overseas. Matkot is a game with no rules, no winners and no losers. It’s usually played in pairs but can be played in threes and fours. It is generally played close to and parallel with the waterline. In order to succeed, the players must put their full focus in the black rubber ball, and on their partner.

Now Matkot are starting to become a hit in other countries, even in countries with no beach. Some people play it in the park, others on family picnics. After all, it’s a simple game, that doesn’t require special skills. In Brazil, for example, Matkot became a hit, and Brazilians are calling it Frescoball. In Australia it became popular with the surfers, and you can see more and more people playing Matkot, on the beaches and in parks. It’s a fun way for the whole family to exercise and to enjoy time together.


How to Play Matkot

1.Find a partner to play with
2. Stand in front of each other, make sure that you have at least 20 feet between.
3. Serve the ball From the bottom (Unlike tennis).
4. Try to to hit back to your friends position and start a rally going.
5. Enjoy this great game and watch out for sunbathers


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